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Eco Friendly Ganesha FAQs

  1. Q: What is an eco-friendly Ganesha? A: An eco-friendly Ganesha refers to an idol of Lord Ganesha that is made from natural, biodegradable materials that are safe for the environment.

  2. Q: Why should I choose an eco-friendly Ganesha? A: Opting for an eco-friendly Ganesha helps reduce the environmental impact caused by traditional idols made of non-biodegradable materials. It promotes sustainability and eco-consciousness. Click Here to buy: 

  3. Q: What are eco-friendly Ganesha idols made of? A: Eco-friendly Ganesha idols are typically made from materials like clay, natural fibers, paper mache, or plant-based materials that do not harm the environment.

  4. Q: Are eco-friendly Ganesha idols safe for water immersion? A: Yes, eco-friendly Ganesha idols are designed to dissolve easily in water without causing harm to aquatic life or polluting water bodies.

  5. Q: Can I order eco-friendly Ganesha idols online? A: Absolutely! offers a wide range of eco-friendly Ganesha idols that can be conveniently ordered online and delivered to your doorstep.

  6. Q: How do I choose the right size of eco-friendly Ganesha idol? A: The size of the eco-friendly Ganesha idol depends on your personal preference and the available space for placement. provides various size options to choose from.

  7. Q: Do you offer customization options for eco-friendly Ganesha idols? A: While customization options may vary, offers a selection of beautifully crafted pre-designed eco-friendly Ganesha idols that can add a unique touch to your celebrations.

  8. Q: What is the process for immersing an eco-friendly Ganesha idol? A: To immerse an eco-friendly Ganesha idol, choose a water body like a river, lake, or artificial pond. Gently place the idol in the water and let it dissolve naturally. Avoid using chemical additives during immersion.

  9. Q: Can I reuse or recycle an eco-friendly Ganesha idol? A: Some eco-friendly Ganesha idols are designed for reuse, while others can be recycled after immersion. Check the product details or contact our customer support team for specific information.

  10. Q: What precautions should I take while handling an eco-friendly Ganesha idol? A: Handle the eco-friendly Ganesha idol with care to prevent any damage. Avoid exposing it to excessive heat or moisture, and store it in a dry place when not in use.

  11. Q: What is the delivery timeframe for eco-friendly Ganesha idols purchased from
    A: We offer Next Day Delivery within India, ensuring that your eco-friendly Ganesha idol reaches you promptly. For international orders, we guarantee delivery within 5-7 days from the date of dispatch.
  12. Q: How can I ensure a smooth buying experience on       A: To have a seamless buying experience, simply browse our eco-friendly Ganesha collection, select the desired idol, add it to your cart, provide the necessary details during checkout, and proceed with secure online payment.

  13. Q: What are the payment options available on                  A: We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and popular digital wallets like Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe. Cash on Delivery (COD) may also be available for eligible orders.

  14. Q: What is the estimated delivery time for eco-friendly Ganesha idols?    A: The delivery time may vary depending on your location and the shipping method chosen. We strive to dispatch eco-friendly Ganesha idol orders within 1-2 business days, and the estimated delivery time will be provided during the checkout process.

  15. Q: How can I track the status of my eco-friendly Ganesha idol order?       A: Once your eco-friendly Ganesha idol order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number and a link to track your package. You can use this information to monitor the progress of your shipment on the respective courier's website.