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About Us

Satvik Store is a single window answer for all your pooja samagri needs. We assist you with advancing the underlying foundations of your familial customs by bringing you hand-picked pooja boxes, symbols, sanctuaries, vastu, feng shui things, and accessories.

Our story of our creation lies around simplifying your look for Indian pooja things on the online. The visionary standpoint combined age-old customs with reformist innovation that brought about Satvik Store-the online puja store.

You need not feel the pressure or bargain with your busy timetable to arrange for pooja items and all. We are right there to help you out. You can order online right from the comfort of your home or office. Here is a piece of what we have on our online pooja store.

Being a one-stop pooja samagri online store in India, Satvik Store overcomes any issues among devotees and dedication. We have arranged all your reverential necessities by advancing a wide grouping of items by making it simpler for you purchase pooja things on the web. Hindu religion is a blend of conventions and services. Every religious event requests for unique things according to the ceremonies. The idea of Satvik Store rotates around welcoming each necessary item on a single window. We assist you with purchasing pooja things online in India. Brightening pooja thalis, dhoop, hawan samagri, god's venerated images and so forth, we have a wide line-up of items to browse. The symbols and thalis will give you a brief look at staggering Indian craftsmanship. Try not to stress on the off chance that you need a pooja mandir for home to introduce the statuette of Gods and Goddesses. Satvik Store has a wide assortment of sanctuaries in metal and wooden materials and other pooja samagri store also. Our reach additionally incorporates home stylistic layout blessing things overflowing with customary appeal and present day feel. Excellent tea light scented candles, lamps, inside decorations, show-stoppers, and then some, browse a wide rundown! Those searching for feng shui items likewise need not go anyplace else. Our varying assortment brings you giggling buddha statuette, turtle sculptures, coin trees, owl dolls, and more in only a couple clicks. We even have all your Christmas and Christmas tree improvements, that you need to get with the happy vibes! Thus, purchase havan samagri dhoop, puja store online right from the solace of your sofa to satisfy your religious necessities.  

Adoring your divinity with pure pooja things online offers endless harmony and intense happiness . Hymn the name of your respected god is fundamental way to spirituality. Pooja is a vital a portion of Hindu culture and consistently, we will in general commend the pooja of different Hindu divine beings and goddesses. It is simply the best way to associate with your internal soul and simultaneously interface yourself to the god and gurus. It involves the utilization of different quantities of materials. Shifted profound and strict extras adorn the psyche with clean contemplations. A few principal essential Pooja things online exemplify god and god symbols, diyas, mukut, figures, camphor, puja thali, chandan, haldi, kumkum, bell, and numerous others.

The different religious or puja things like Rudrakshas, Panchpatra, Saligrama, dry fruits, and blossom assist make with feeling profoundly. Akshat is whole rice grains that are offered to god in order to accomplish abundance and thriving. They are offered to the divinities while reciting. Bhasma or vibhuthi shields the users from medical condition and evil by cleaning the person in question.

Pooja samagri internet shopping of incense sticks encourage to make climate for spiritual forces in and around us. Since the time interminable, incense has been acclimated fuel mind-sets. The celestial aroma that are infested by dhoop incense sticks quiet the brain and convey the spirits and breathes life into the climate.

Indians are very spiritual and traditional. We have faith in numerous divine beings and goddesses, trusting them to favor us with a decent life and success.

Satvik Store-stuffed with divine favors

Directing revering routinely or on celebrations, wedding, and so forth has gone simpler with our filtered out pooja boxes. They are hand-stuffed pooja units including each basic you need during a pooja function. We have future Regular Pooja Box, Shiv Parvati, Laxmi Ganesh, Maa Durga, Navratri, Diwali, Holi, Haldi, Mehendi, Wedding and Shivratri Pooja Boxes for you.

Pick any of them according to your likings and necessities to direct your pooja function propitiously.

Idols and Murti-Bring home propitiousness

We frequently need Gods' golden calves in our pooja space for hero worship. Our assortment highlights Laxmi Ganesh murti, Lord Krishna icon, Maa Durga and a lot more symbols. You can add these promising dolls to your pooja room or spot them in your home to enlarge your style. Take a pick from our detailed collection today.

Incense, Diya, and Candles-Spread the aroma of auspice

Regardless of whether for venerating purposes or home stylistic theme, our line-up of incense, diyas, and candles covers every one of your necessities. From Diwali diyas and candles to beautifying Akhand diyas, we have an immense scope of customary lights to browse. The scope of incense and candles with temperament lifting scents guarantees a fragrant expansion to your residence.

Our contributions don't end here. We have pooja thali sets, gems, outlined works of art, and more to furnish all your devotional  samagri needs.

In this way, peruse through our segment and discover your preferred things listed at moderate costs.