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Havan is an ancient Indian ritual where a large number of herbs as well as some food items are put in to feed the holy fire. It is considered that a havan purifies the environment as well as the devotee. The Havan Samagri is a sacred offering in the yagna, as well as each item of the samagri, is important.

Havan is a technique given by the pundits and other Enlightened Masters to make a specific desired effect in our lives. Havan Samagri is complete set of natural roots as well as herbs as mentioned in Hindu ancient texts of Ayurveda. Havan Samagri contains dried herbal roots along with the leaves that are burned during yagnas.

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Our Hawan Samagri creates Positive energy as well as grows the oxygen level of your house. It can purify the entire atmosphere of your home. It is free of all risky chemicals.

Havan Samagri may be utilized for almost all kinds of Yagnas, Hawan, or Puja including marriage, Laxmi puja, Durga puja, Dewali Pooja, Grah Pravesh puja, bhumi puja, Satyanarayana, namakaranam, as well as many more. Our ideal Hawan Samagri makes a positive aura, purifies the air as it stops germs as well as bacteria off the air as well as grows a mental coolness.

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