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Top must-have pooja items for your Mandir 

Puja is an act of spiritual connection between a person and deities. There are a series of rituals and traditions followed in our culture that form a divine connection with God through prayers or hymns with offerings of various items like food and flowers. Hinduism is a culture followed across the globe in association with God and one's roots. However, there are various methods, traditions, and rituals to worship and show your devotion to god that is followed over the years and should be followed. Devotees unusually perform pooja early in the morning or evening in a pooja room or Mandir in their home or at the office. 

Puja is performed regularly and also on special occasions with utmost devotion and enthusiasm during festivals such as Maha Shi  vratri, Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, etc. Sometimes during lifetime events like the Home inauguration, wedding, new venture, welcoming a baby, or starting a new journey, etc. Every devotee performs pooja to show their connection and ask for blessings from god. For all these pooja ceremonies and rituals, there are certain requirements also called Pooja Samman or items. All these items have their own significance to use for spiritual well-being. If you are a devotee and conduct pooja every day, you need to have some essential pooja items in your Mandir for the worship of God. 

Here is the list of some must-have pooja items in your Mandir: 

Diya - Any puja is incomplete without lighting a Diya during worship. Diya also refers to lighting lamps as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge for the world. Diya can bring a different positive feeling in the atmosphere, when you light up a Diya during puja, you provide light of knowledge to your inner self and put ghee or oil on the darkness within. You can buy ready-made Ghee Diyas at the religious store or you can purchase simple Diya and ghee or oil separately to light up. 

Kalash - Kalash is another important pooja essential that you need to buy for worship as it is said that Kalash represents the five elements of the universe also called panchtatva is considered as satvik and auspicious. Kalash is known as a symbol of life, wisdom, and abundance. You need to keep Kalash during puja filled with holy water. There are several types of Kalash available from simple to handcrafted and made of brass. 

Incense sticks - Incense sticks are used as a ritual of Dhupa where incense sticks are offered in front of deities to pay respect. These incense sticks release fragrance when burned, the fragrance of sticks spreads different vibes and removes negative energy in the atmosphere. Many people use incense sticks even after a puja or generally to spread positivity. These sticks are available in different aromas or fragrances such as rose, lilies, Chandan, etc. They are a must-have to spread positive energy.  

Malas - Before and after puja, many people like to spend some time meditating while some people meditate during pooja instead of singing hymns. Mala is crucial for mediation during meditation, it's a powerful tool that can help you provide guidance, enhance concentration. Various types of Malas are used during puja such as rudraksha or lotus seed mala, black pearl mala, semi stone mala, etc. Different Malas have different attributes, you can purchase what you find more suitable for you by searching the Puja store near me.  

Tilak - Tilak is often used in Pooja ceremonies to mark the forehead. Tilak or Mark is a paste used in puja that signifies the devotees. Firstly, it's marked on the god statue during puja and later on devotees. Tilak is available in different types such as sandalwood, clay, vermilion, turmeric, etc. Sandalwood tilak symbolizes calmness, vermilion symbolizes summer and fire. These tilaks are available at Satvik in various sizes, perfectly suitable for all spiritual occasions. 

Yantra - The geometric and mystic diagram is worshiped as a tool during puja ceremonies to make devotion and prayers good. The yantra is the phenomenon of magical powers based on astrology and various powerful texts. You can place the yantra near the Panchmukhi Hanuman deity. There are various powerful yantras used to keep at home and worshiped during puja such as Mahalaxmi yantra, Sri yantra, Kanakdhara Yantra, Kamala Yantra, Sampoorna Vastu yantra, Kubera yantra, etc. All these yantras have different significance, Satvik offers all these yantras used to keep and worship at home. 

Bell - Bell is important and often used in pooja ceremonies, and is a must-have pooja item. It is believed that bells are used to inform the brass statue of deity by devotees about their arrival. Ringing bells can help bring divine energy into the atmosphere that welcomes the divine and reduces or moves the evil and negative energies. Hymns and mantras are chanted by ringing the bells during pooja. There are several types of bells such as metal or brass in the form of jingle bells or other bells that are available to use during puja. 

Bhog bowl - Separate Bhog bowl for worship is another crucial Pooja saman that must be used during pooja. You can use bowls at home, but they are also used by a family member. It's better to keep a separate Bhog bowl for worship. You can purchase metal or brass bowls available in various sizes at the Satvik store. These bowls are perfect for Mandir, as you can keep them separate from other utensils. Moreover, the brass material used offered calmness to the food. 

Cotton wicks - Cotton wicks are a must-have pooja saman as it is used to light up Diyas. They are particularly used for Arti and Diya's dipped in oil or ghee. Cotton wicks are available in various sizes and shapes depending on the type of Diya you are using, you need to buy cotton wicks and puja items online.  

Puja thali - Some people do not use puja thali, they prefer using Diyas separately and keeping other items in their packaging, it creates chaos and distraction during puja ceremonies. It's better to have separate Pooja thali and arrange all the puja Samman in the thali. The thalis are available in various sizes, designs, and materials. Some puja thalis also come with attached Diyas and bowls to keep puja samagri. According to the Mandir's size and space, you must have puja thali. 

To wrap up -  These are some essential items that you must include in your puja to perform all the rituals according to Hindu traditions. Many of these items are available in various types that you can select according to your requirement. 


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