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The significance of Panchmukhi Hanuman and its Kavach 

We all know Lord Hanuman, the devotee of Lord Rama. Do you know about Panchmukhi Hanuman or Lord Panchmukhi Anjaneya Swamy? Panchmukhi Hanuman is the five-faced and most powerful avatar of Lord Hanuman during the Ramayana battle. Lord Hanuman is known to be confident in the strength and a firm mind to overcome all the obstacles in life. Lord Hanuman appears in a gigantic avatar symbolic of bravery, courage, and loyalty. The origin of Panchmukhi Hanuman is known to be one of the greatest epics of Ramayana. 

Do you want to know more about the origin and significance of Panchmukhi Hanuman? Let's find out: 

The origin of Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman

There is an interesting story behind the avatar of Lord Hanuman. During the Ramayana battle, Ravan - The demon king, who desperately wanted to defeat Lord Rama, took help from the king of Patal Lok or underworld - Ahiravana. 

Ahiravana disguised as Vibhishana abducted Lord Rama and took him to Patal Lok.

When Lord Hanuman came to know about the abduction, he went to Patal Lok in search of Lord Rama, there he came to know that Ahiravana's life is hidden in five different lamps. These lamps are placed in different directions, if all the five lamps are extinguished at the same time, only then it is possible to kill Ahiravana. 

Therefore, to kill Ahiravana Lord Hanuman took Avtar as Panchmukhi Hanuman - the five-faced avatar. Each face has different significance and importance - 

Lord Hanuman - With steadfast devotion, Lord Hanuman faces eastwards. Worshiping Lord Hanuman can remove worshippers' sin and bring peace, fulfillment, purity, and happiness. 

Lord Garuda - Lord Garuda or eagle facing west, is another manifestation of Panchmukhi Hanuman. Lord Garuda provides protection from evil spirits, bad influences, and black magic. 

Lord Narasimha -  Lord Narasimha, one of the many avatars of Lord Vishnu, Lord Narasimha is an avatar of the loin that faces south in Panchmukhi manifestation. To protect his devotee Prahlad, Lord Vishnu took this avatar. Worshiping lord Narsihma removes fear in a devotee, it brings victory and fearlessness. 

Lord Hayagriva - Lord Hayagriva is the form of a horse facing upwards, worshiping Lord Hayagriva brings liberation, progeny, and knowledge. 

Lord adivaraha - The lord adivaraha facing north is another manifestation. It is said that Lord adivaraha removes the bad impact on planetary movements and brings prosperity and wealth to the worshiper. 

When Lord Hanuman took charge of saving Lord Rama from Ahiravana, he took Panchmukhi avatar with various weapons like chakra or disc, Trishul or trident, parashu or battle axe, Gada or mace, and Khanda or sword. Together these five faces of Panchmukhi Avtar blew all the lamps and brought back lord Rama and Lakshman unconscious. 

The facts of Panchmukhi and five elements 

The Lord Hanuman as a devotee of Lord Rama, who took control over five senses in the form of Panchmukhi Avtar shows significance with five elements - Water, earth, fire, air, and Sky. Lord Hanuman is the son of Wind - one of the five elements. He traversed from ocean to Lanka in Ramayana, the element of water. He flew to Lanka during the battle of Ramayana- the element of the sky. He burnt Lanka using the element of fire, he met the daughter of the earth -Mata Sita. 

The significance of worshiping the Panchmukhi Hanuman idol 

Every avatar or each manifestation of the face of Panchmukhi Hanuman brings different importance for devotees. Here is the significance of the five faces: 

  • The east-facing manifestation helps devotees to fulfill their wishes which are sometimes of personal nature. 
  • The west-facing Panchmukhi avatar brings good luck or sobhagya.
  • The south-facing avatar grants desires and wishes for the welfare of all. 
  • The north-facing avatar brings wealth and prosperity. 
  • The fifth avatar facing the sky completes the happiness and welfare of all. 

Placing five facing or Panchmukhi Hanuman idols at home and offering prayers with Hanuman Kavach, protects from evil spirits, destroying fear, bad forces, and removing all the Vastu dosh at home. 

The benefits of Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavah

The benefit of chanting Mantra and worshiping with Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach will protect you and your loved ones. The Kavach will protect you and your loved ones from bad spirits, evil forces. If you are feeling you have negative forces surrounding your space, placing the Panchmukhi Hanuman idol and having Panchmukhi Kavach will protect your house and you will see positive changes in your place. 

  • If someone from your family has trouble sleeping due to bad dreams, keeping Kavach near and chanting Hanuman Mantra can destroy fears. 
  • If you are a believer of Hindu Vastu doshas, the Panchmukhi Hanuman idol and Kavach can remove Vastu dosh from your place. All the five faces will remove evil forces and bring welfare, happiness, prosperity, and wealth. 
  • Wearing Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach will remove all your problems as it's an avatar of Garud. 
  • Often, Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach is used to remove all the fears of ghosts and evil spirits. 

The right way to wear Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach 

To wear Kavach, you need to follow a few steps: 

  • To wear Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach, you need to select Tuesday, as Tuesday is said to be of Lord Hanuman. 
  • Early in the morning, wear red or yellow clothes after showering. 
  • Then spread a red cloth on a small table and place the Lord Hanuman idol. 
  • Sprinkle holy water - Gangajal on and around the idol. 
  • Light up Ghee Diya in front of the idol and chant Hanuman Mantra 108 times. 
  • After that, take the blessings of Lord Hanuman and wear a Panchmukhi Kavach or Locket. 

To wrap up - Panchmukhi Hanuman has huge significance in Ramayana and Hindu culture. Placing Lord Hanuman idol in Panchmukhi avatar and wearing Kavach can protect you from evil energy, negative vibes and bestow happiness, wealth, and prosperity. Moreover, a Panchmukhi idol facing different directions can remove all the Vastu issues from your house. Therefore, using the right method, Mantras establish idols and wear lockets. Understand the significance and protect your home from evil energies. 

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