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The right way to use essential pooja items 

Puja is the act of worshiping and forming a spiritual connection with God, while performing the Pooja ceremony there are few rituals and these rituals require certain puja saman such as Kalash, incense sticks, puja thali, flowers or garlands, Diya, deity, or idols, kumkum, and others brought from the religious store. Some of these are considered essentials to use with mantras or prayer. Everything that you use during pooja has spiritual and Vedic significance which requires certain rules to follow such as flowers symbolizing the inner good, fruits or Bhog symbolize surrender, each incense stick burning symbolizes the desires we have, Diya represent the light of knowledge, etc. 


Whenever you are performing a pooja ceremony, you need to follow these rules to make sure you use puja essentials in the right method to attract positive energy and drive away from the evil energy in the atmosphere. 


Here are a few puja essentials and the way to use them for the Pooja ceremony - 

Kalash - Kalash is the significance of life, abundance, and wisdom, and is used in puja for its Vedic and spiritual reasons. During the churning of the ocean, Lord Vishnu brought Kalash filled with Amrit, all the gods consumed Amrit from Kalash. It is said that they reside in Kalash. When using Kalash for puja, Place the idol and Kalash in the northeast corner of your house or in the northeast direction of your mandir. Fill the Kalash with holy water and establish it with rice. You can purchase handcrafted and various Kalash from Satvik

Diya - during worship, two types of Diyas are enlightened in front of God, which consists of Ghee and oil-lighted Diyas. If you are using ghee to lighten Diya, the Diya will light or flame on the left side is considered auspicious. Make sure you light up or place Diya on the life side of the god statue when using ghee. If you are using oil for lighting Diya, make sure you light up or place it on the right side of the deity, so that the flame is in front of the god. Whenever you are performing pooja, make sure the ghee or oil is of enough quality and arranged properly as it should not be off during your worship. It is considered inauspicious if the light turns off while worshiping. 

designer Pooja Diya

Puja thali-  Pooja thali is important to use while worshiping god. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while preparing pooja thali such as making sure you use brass or silver puja thali as these metals are considered good for worshiping, make sure you select the size of thali according to your brass statue of deity and mandir for Puja room area. You can decorate thali to make it more gracious, you pooja thali must include these 5 essential items like Bhog or dry fruits or sweets, Haldi or kumkum, Diya, incense sticks, or Dhup, rice grains, and flowers or betel leaves. Arrange these essentials properly, thali has two parts: the forefront and the other end. The forefront of thali should be placed in front and close to the deity and the other side is for the worshiper. When performing Arti, the thali is rotated clockwise in front of the deity. 

A brass statue of deity - To place the brass statue, make sure your mandir is cleaned properly and has red or yellow cloth spread at the bottom of the floor of the mandir. Place a table and then place a deity on the table, the deity or god statue brings positive energy, wealth, health, and prosperity to the home so make sure your Mandir and deity are in the east or northeast direction of the house. The face of the worshiper should be facing east and the deity should face west direction, but placed in the east or northeast area of the house. 

Tilak - Tilak is an important puja samagri and should be applied with a ring finger on the third eye. The position in between your eyes is the third eye, where various types of tilak are applied based on their significance and the nature of the person. Chandan or Sandalwood tilak is said to bring a cooling and calming effect on the person, it's often used for people with aggressive personalities. Red tilak symbolizes warriors and turmeric symbolizes prosperity. The tilak should be first applied to deity or god during pooja and on devotees later. However, while applying tilak on God few things you need to remember are chant mantra or prayer while applying tilak, do not apply red kumkum on Lord shiva as it is said that red resonates warrior and aggression, you can use sandalwood for lord Shiva, but do not apply on the deity of Lord Ganesha. 

Incense sticks - Incense sticks have a long history, there is nothing calming, soothing, and positive other than incense sticks. When incense sticks are lightened and burned, they release a beautiful aroma that creates positive energy in the atmosphere. There are several different aromas available in incense sticks. You can buy good quality Puja items online including incense sticks. To light an incense stick, make sure you don't place it in front of the deity as it's reserved, or better to place Diya in front of the deity. You can place incense sticks in the right or left corner of the brass statue of deity. Use incense sticks burners to collect ashes and keep your pooja room clean.  

Bell - Ringing of the bell during puja ceremony while devotees chant hymns is considered auspicious. The ringing bell brings divine energy and dispels evil energy in the atmosphere. Although it's not essential to use bells during puja or Arti, it's good to use them as it's auspicious and brings divine energy. You do not need to follow a certain way to ring a bell left or right hand, either way, is right to use the bell during the pooja ceremony. Search the Puja store near me to buy the right bell for performing puja. 

To wrap up - These are some of the most common and essential puja items used in Mandir or during worship which require certain rules to follow. Whenever you use these essentials, make sure you follow these tips and ways to perform the puja ceremony in the right way. It will help you perform pooja smoothly and avoid unnecessary negative energies and distractions during worship. 

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