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Krishna Bhakti, a medium for salvation

Krishna Bhakti, a medium for salvation

Lord Krishna, considered to be the eighth embodiment of Vishnu, is seen as the god of safety, benevolence, kindness and love. When it comes to bhakti, Laddu Gopal can be seen to have a wide range of devotees not only in India, but even people from other parts of the world.

To understand the popularity of Laddu Gopal among the common people, it is vital that we start from the very beginning of the life of the lord. Typically, the legends and tales about Krishna are known as Krishna charitas. According to this, Krishna was the son of Devaki and her husband Vasudeva. At their wedding, fortune tellers predicted that Devaki’s brother Kansa would be killed by Devaki’s child. Hearing this, the frightened brother locked Devaki and Lord Krishna was born while his parents were imprisoned. However, after his birth, Lord Krishna’s father was able to transport him via the Yamuna River to his foster parents’ place. The childhood version of Lord Krishna is generally called by the name of Laddu Gopal. And Krishna Bhakti is typically embraced by Hindu homes of India by having an Laddu Gopal murti in the temples of their homes. Hence, the believers of lord Krishna treats Laddu Gopal murti just like a baby, and performs all there is to keep Laddu Gopal happy. Laddu Gopal is considered to be a member of the family and is worshipped by following the rules and regulations available for those keeping Laddu Gopal at home. Laddu gopal murti is kept on Laddu Gopal singhasan and beautiful kanhaji dress online are bought.

The child Krishna was famous in his village for his mischiefs. Being a lover of butter and curd, he used to find ways of stealing the same along with his friends. As a youth, Laddu Gopal became a renowned lover and the tune from his flute used to lure the gopis of the village out of their homes in the moonlight. He was also famous for performing many miracles and defeating demons right from his childhood. Overall, there was not a single soul who did not love the mischievous Laddu Gopal.

Having laddu Gopal ji at home brings happiness, good luck and prosperity for the members of the family.  Laddu Gopal murti along with laddu gopal singhasan is kept in the home and worshipped on a day-to-day basis. Staring from bathing every day, cradling the swing, arranging the prasad on specific interval of time and having proper shringar, everything has to be done by the devotee. However, to be able to take care of Laddu Gopal is a blessing in itself, as not many get the opportunity to serve the lord.

Janmashtami is an annual festival celebrated on the day Lord Krishna was born. It may be celebrated at a Hindu temple or at home. Devotees participate in devotional songs by coming together in temples. The festival has got great significance in itself, as it is believed that the birth of Lord Krishna was under chaos when freedom was denied, and even his life was under threat by his uncle King Kansa. The festival is also a way to remember the struggle of his parents to keep the Lord alive, few minutes after he was born.  Laddu Gopal murti can be seen in many families of India, and it is not only at one state or city. The devotees of Laddu Gopal ji are scattered throughout the country. The devotees do not keep any stone unturned to try and make the Lord happy and satisfied. The buy kanhaji dress online and decorate the Laddu Gopal murti with utmost affection. The decorate the Laddu Gopal singhasan with flowers and peacock feathers. Laddu Gopal birthday is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm.

It is often seen in humans that instead of finding their own happiness, they are busy in wasting time and criticising others, feeling jealous from other’s success. However, what most people tend to forget is in order to be loved, there must be free will. To be able to help oneself and others with the needs, specially in terms of mental health is one way of being humane. One can achieve all of these by seeking the help of the one and only power of the divine. Hence, in search of freewill and self-awareness, humans try to connect to lord Krishna. It is often said that Laddu Gopal ji does not see what we have to offer him. Only the intention and the purpose are what matters to him. Whatever is offered to the lord, it is the sentiment behind the offerings that counts in front of Laddu Gopal murti. One only requires to have the freewill to be genuine. Even if a person has nothing at all to offer to the Lord, they can offer the most important quality a human requires, that is, purity of the heart. To help others does not require money or materials to be available, but it is the effort that counts, and that is the only thing that matters in the eyes of Laddu Gopal ji.

For one to feel open-minded and to enlighten the soul, taking the holy name of the Lord is enough. This helps the person to attain salvation. Earthly materials will no longer attract the individual as a result of which the negativities, jealousy, desires will leave the body and soul of the person.

In the words if Krishna as mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, the Lord is located in everyone’s heart. When the lord is content from inside the heart he responds. The devotee is blessed with his love in a purifies state. The only things the lord expects from the people is to seek for his blessings with all the love, devotion without a hint of hatred. Then, it won’t be long that he will bless our souls and clear our minds from each and every negative feeling there is. After all, to be able to cleanse the soul from inside is what helps in finding the true meaning of life.