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India's Largest Pooja Accessories Brand

India’s Biggest Pooja Accessories Brand SATVIK offers customization of pooja kits feature on their Website

Delhi, India Jan 25, 2022 (  - Pooja is one of the most important aspects of Hinduism. It is an act of devotional worshipping done by every Hindu on a daily basis. It is also done to mark important life events such as weddings, the birth of a baby, death, etc. A pooja is never complete without the right samagris, which are the specific substances and components of any religious ritual. India’s biggest pooja samagri supplier is making the pooja experience of people all over the country and abroad with its flawless work. The online store has every single ingredient to any kind of pooja perfect. Everything the customers need for their pooja will be delivered to them at their doorstep.

The latest innovation made by the website is the customization of Puja Kit Feature according to customer need is the Makemypoojakit section, which had been launched recently. This is a revolutionary concept for people to fulfill all their pooja needs. In today’s busy life, people do not have much time in their hands. So, when they plan on arranging a pooja and the pandit or poojari hands them a large list of samagris they feel helpless to arrange all that. And holding a pooja is not just about samagris; one has to take care of other aspects as well to make sure it goes perfectly. With Section Makemypoojakit, they can get all the samagris needed for their pooja under a single roof and get the complete box delivered to their home. One can customize the box any way they want and receive it before the big day.

The website has made it very easy for people to get their hands on everything on their pooja samagri list with just a click. They have a section devoted to different festivals like Holi, Diwali, Navratri, Karwa Chauth, Rakhi, Janmashtami, and even Christmas. The users just need to click on the specific festival and they will e presented with all the necessary components of that festival for them to choose from. Specialized festival gifts are also provided by the website. One can end a beautiful and customized gift that is perfect for the occasion to their loved ones with their services. Not just particular festivals, they offer every ingredient one can need for their daily pooja rituals. With just a click people can acquire the top-quality and authentic pooja samagris at affordable prices from the convenience of their homes.

At, they have the biggest collection of products related to every single Hindu festival. The company has huge respect for the Hindu culture and religion and they try their best to bring the highest-quality items at affordable prices to their users. They have a wide collection of oil lamps used in various poojas such as brass diyas, aarti diyas, standing diyas, luxury decorative diyas, earthen lamps, tea lights, loban burners, and a lot more. They have a huge collection of pure ghee and statues of various idols on the website made from top-quality materials. They offer a great amount of discount on their products that cannot be found at other online stores.

Not just in India, the service offers to deliver all the pooja essentials to various other countries like the United States of America, UK, Australia, Europe, and more. It is already hard to find pure and organic pooja samagris in India and harder in countries outside of India. The people living abroad do not have to go around looking for the products needed for their pooja and get all the things at one place with They can get their complex pooja shopping done by spending a few moments on the website.

Satvik Store Private Limited is a Delhi-based Company that offers countless pooja samargris at highly affordable prices. The users can select the needed Items for their poojas like ghee, lamp oils, malas, God idols, cotton wicks, incense cones, agarbattis, religious books, and more spending a few minutes on the website. The Company has been founded by Young woman entrepreneur Anika Bansal. It is already delivering pooja kits to nine countries along with India. The company has a target revenue of 30 crores in the financial year of 2022-23. For more information, visit their website


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