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Making our houses a little Ayodhya

It is said that 'Cleanliness is close to Godliness,' and this slogan is most applicable when diwali is near. People start cleaning their houses, offices & other residential area in order to welcome Goddess lakshmi. These places are beautified by diwali decoration items like Flowers, lamps, lights, Toran for Diwali online, Diwali diya wall hangings,and use other diwali decoration ideas.

Diwali festival marks the celebration of return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after spending 14 years of exile and defeating the evil Ravan. To welcome his return, the whole city of Ayodhya was decorated by lighting diya decorations, putting diwali diya wall hanging,  or every corner of the city was decked up with beautifu; diwali decoration items.

Even today, the same custom is followed and we also decorate our places like Ayodhya: Shree Ram Bhomi fully adorned with diyas, candles, lights & other festive items.

The happiness that was felt by the Ayodhyawasi is even felt by every Indian today as well. Diwali is a great festival that never fail to excite people to welcome Shri Ram every year.

Basically the word Diwali suggests that your house should be decked up with colorful lights. So if your home isn’t lit up with colorful & beautiful light, this means that your diwali decoration ideas have not been complied with.

Artificial wire lighting is the most common in this festival which we can be seen on every other house.  Some use colorful bulbs, Ameya Metal Wall Hanging Tea Light Candle Holder for holding candles, Metal Tea light Holder, Urli’s & others Diwali decoration items.

In Satvik Store, you can easily get a variety of these lights online to decorate your home, office & other places.

5 incredible days of Diwali

There are many known reasons for celebrating this festival of lights. A festival that brings your family & friend together with your love & by exchanging gifts. Diwali festival is celebrated for 5 days as per the Hindu calendar.

Day 1: Vasu Baras: This marks the first day of diwali celebration. On this day cows & calves are worshipped along with the cleaning of the homes.

Day 2: Dhan Teras: This day is considered more prosperous for business man. People generally prefer to buy new utensils or gold & silver lakshmi coins too. From this diwali diya wall hangings, candles & decoration diyas are placed at the doorsteps

Day3: Kali Chaudas or Choti Diwali: This is the most important day of Diwali festival. On this day gods are worshipped for wealth & prosperity. It is celebrated intensively in South India. People use diwali diya wall hanging to light up their houses.

Day 4: Diwali Celebration or Lakshmi Pujan: It is the main day for the festival of lights. On this day Goddess lakshmi is worshipped. To make her happy, people lit their houses with decoration diyas, candles, toran for diwali online, colorful rangoli or floral rangoli designs, designer urli’s, electric lights, flowers & others. Different Diwali decoration ideas are used to make our houses little Ayodhya.

Day 5: Govardhan Puja: This day is also considered as auspicious which falls right after Diwali. People generally prepare variety of foods and exchange other diwali decoration items.

Putting Toran on the entrance gate is considered holy. People purchase Toran for Diwali online as well as offline. Toran are a part of Diwali decoration items and purchased by many people. Also, place Shri Lakshmi footprints at the front and back doors of your home, which can be found easily online or offline. So, these are some Diwali decoration ideas for welcoming Goddess Lakshmi.

Turning our homes little Ayodhya is important for our personal beliefs and spirituality. So, every Hindu must ensure that Diwali is celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm.  Every member of family must participate in bringing up new diwali decoration ideas and ensuring that house is decorated with beautiful diwali diya wall hanging and other diwali decoration items. Diya decoraton and selection toran for diwali online are some of the things that must be done together. Welcoming Ram Lalla is important for everyone and therefor must be done together.

People are usually so much preoccupied with other things during that they donot pay much attention towards decorating until the last moment and end up doing everything in hurry. But instead of committing this blunder, its better to prepare for your Diwali preparations early! So, why wait let’s get started with the preparations with Satvik Store.

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