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Everything you need to know about Home inaugural or Griha Pravesh Puja

Puja or Pooja is considered auspicious on several occasions in Hindu culture. Many people perform pooja on occasions such as the birth of a child, starting a new venture, marriage, starting something new in life and one such important occasion is moving into a new home. Home inaugural or Griha Pravesh pooja is a kind of house warming ceremony in Hindu traditions and culture. It is said that when entering into a new home, performing home inaugural puja can purify the environment and remove all the negative components or energies. Griha Pravesh pooja is generally performed to worship Lord Ganesha as he removes all the obstacles in life according to Vedas.  Puja ceremonies on any occasion start with worshiping Lord Ganesha as in Hindu culture, the word Shri Ganesha symbolizes the beginning of something new. During Griha Pravesh pooja several rituals such as breaking the coconut, Hawan, Vastu puja, sprinkling holy water using mango leaves in all corners of the house, worship of Lord Ganesha, Shanti puja. 

The pooja Saman or Samagri required during Griha Pravesh or Home inaugural puja - 

Like other Pooja ceremonies, this puja requires a certain Samagri to perform various rituals that you need to buy from a religious store.

Here is the list of Puja Samagri you will need for the home inaugural puja:

  • 1 bundle of Mauli or Kalawa thread 
  • 2 pieces of coconuts.
  • Clove - 10 gm
  • Desi ghee - 1 kg 
  • Betel leaves - 7 pieces
  • Honey - 250 gram
  • Dhup Batti -  1 to 2 packets
  • 5 different seasonal fruits - according to your requirement 
  • Incense stick - 1 packet
  • Brass Kalash - 1 
  • Yellow cloth - 1.25 meter
  • Kumkum or powder - 1 packet or small box 
  • Janeu or Upanayana - 7 
  • Yogurt - 100 gram 
  • Jaggery - 250 gram 
  • The mixture of 5 different types of dry fruits - 250 gram 
  • Raw Milk - 100 gram 
  • Green cardamom - 10 gram 
  • Areca nut or Supari - 11 pieces 
  • Whole rice - 1.25 kg 
  • Grains or Barley - 250 gram 
  • 5 different types of sweets - 500 grams or according to your requirement. 
  • Incense burner - 1 to 2 kg 
  • Large Diya - 1 piece
  • Cotton - 1 pack 
  • Black sesame seeds - 250 grams 
  • Red cloth - 1.25 meters
  • Ashoka or Mango tree leaves - 11 leaves 
  • Turmeric - 100 gram 
  • Camphor - 11 pieces
  • Atta or flour - 1.25 kg 
  • Ganga Jal - 1 ltr
  • Dry woods of Mango - 2 kg 
  • Low height wooden table or Chauki - piece 
  • Brass statue or deity
  • Flower garlands - 5 

Can you perform the home inaugural puja anytime? 

It depends! It's an auspicious pooja and many people prefer to enter into a new home after performing puja at an auspicious time given by the priest according to the Hindu calendar. However, if you are not a believer of auspicious time or muhurat, you can perform pooja according to your schedule, availability, or comfort. But, it's important to conduct pooja before you move into a new house in order to remove negative energies and bring in a positive atmosphere. You can celebrate after your pooja. 

What are important things you need to keep in mind before and during pooja? 

Griha Pravesh pooja is conducted to bring in positive vibes so, it's important that pooja is performed smoothly without disturbance and distraction. Here are a few tips to ensure everything happens smoothly: 

Bring all the puja Samman earlier: Cross-check the list of Griha Pravesh puja Samagri list and make sure you arrange the required pooja items early, it's recommended one day prior. 

Confirm with a priest - if you are inviting a priest to perform pooja, make sure you ask for their availability a week early and confirm with them a day before the pooja ceremony. 

Make sitting arrangement - To contrate and perform pooja with dedication, it's important for everyone to sit comfortably rather than creating chaos. 

Decorate your home - You decorate your home with flowers that will bring positive energy and happiness to the environment. Create rangoli at your doorsteps, rangoli is symbolic of attracting wealth and prosperity. However, make sure it is not in the way of people entering your home. 

Illuminate home - illuminating your home will always bring positive energy and attract good fortune, it's good to light up your home during Puja ceremonies. 

Clean and sprinkle holy water - Sprinkling holy water is considered auspicious and brings divine vibes. After cleaning your space, make sure you sprinkle holy water in all corners of your house before and after the puja ceremony. 

Follow these tips to make sure the pooja ceremony is conducted smoothly and all the positive energy surrounds your space. 

What are the important things to keep in mind while purchasing pooja Samagri? 

  • To conduct puja in the right way it is important to get puja Saman in the right manner. Here are a few things you need to know while buying pooja Saman :
  • Avoid purchasing broken rice at all costs, you should not use broken rice pieces in puja. 
  • To create Mahabhog or Bhog for puja, purchase items according to your requirements or the number of people you want to serve. Mahabhog is made using a mixture of jaggery, Atta in Ghee for dry prasad. 
  • For 5 different types of sweets - you can buy coconut barfi, mill cake, kalakand, besan laddu, Bundi laddu, or any different types of dry sweets not liquid sweets. You can make liquid sweet as Bhog. 
  • 5 different types of dry fruits also called Panch Meva must include dry dates, makhana or Fox nuts, Almonds, Raisins, Cashew nuts.
  • For 5 different types of fruits, you can take any three seasonal fruits and Banana, pomegranate. 

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To wrap up - These insights are important when you are going to perform home inaugural or Griha Pravesh pooja. Follow the list of pooja saman and the tips before you perform puja.