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Burning the inner Ravan

According to Indian Mythology, the celebration of Dussehra festival which is also known as Vijayadashami marks the triumph of good over evil. On this Lord Ram killed demon king Ravana and on the other hand Goddess Durga killed the monster Mahishasura.

The celebration of this festival begins nine days before Dussehra, when people start worshiping Maa Durga for nine days, celebration of Dussehra on the tenth day. Every year, we burn sculptures of Ravana, but have you ever thought there is also an inner Ravana inside each of us?

Today in this fancy world of Smartphones, digital gadgets, and nice cars somehow we have lost our original identity & our peace of mind. Reason for all this is the presence of Ravana within us which is always craving for more & more. That Ravana which is greedy, angry & demanding a luxurious life. This shows that each one of us is a house a residing demon in us. The festival of Dussehra is closely related to the festival of Diwali as both marks the celebration of the killing of Ravan.

Also we worship Goddess Durga Ma in Navratri prior to Dussehra. We decorate our houses & pandals with Diwali decoration items, diya decoration, toran for Diwali online & so on. But yet this centuries-old ritual has failed to burn the real Ravana within us.

The celebration of this Dussehra festival would be meaningless unless this inside Ravana is burned. Simply burning the statue of Ravan, decorating our houses with different diwali decoration items, buying toran for diwali online, doing diya decoration and coming up with the new diwali decoration ideas will help us achieve the ultimate aim of these festivals which is putting an end to evil thoughts inside us. We should be happy & keep our mind still in whatever god has given us. Also we should pay the same respect to each women as we show by bowing our heads in the feet of Goddess Durga.

Below mentioned are 3 inner Ravana which each of us should destroy this Diwali

  1. Greediness: The first Ravana you must defeat is Greediness. The tendency to get more and more without proper motive denotes our greed. This type of behaviour leads to wastage of money or funds which otherwise can be utilised in buying diya decoration and other diwali decoration items for the needy. Thus excessive greedy behaviour only leads to loss of happiness that could have been brought in someone elses life.
  2. Fear: The second Ravana inside us that you must kill is feeling of fear. Fear is Man's deadliest enemy. Fear can force us to do things that should not be done and stops us from doing good. Fear makes man irrational and puts an obstacle in his/her Karma. The fear of spending money stops people from enjoying Diwali. They do not but diya decorations, diwali diya wall hangings and other diwali decoration items due to the fear of getting the items at high rates. For this Satvik Store must be reached and this fear must be removed.
  3. Assumptions: The final Ravana you must kill inside you is assumptions. It's not a good idea to believe in wrong assumptions or on other person thoughts & words. Use your own mind, create your own thought process & then create your own belief or assumptions. Keep your thinking broad minded & challenges yourself. Ultimately you’ll always win.

Thus the festival of Dussehra is basically the commencement of a new year. As a result, replace negative thoughts with positivity in your mind. In our day to day busy lives, most of us just forget about our loved ones. Like we do not spend time with them specially our parents & friends. But this dussehra make them feel special by spending quality time with them. Also make a promise this Dussehra to say no to fear, greediness & assumptions.

You can also spend by decorating your houses along with your loved ones. As Diwali celebrations are also near to dusshera so you can decorate your house with Diya decoration, Diwali decoration ideas, Toran for Diwali online, Diwali decoration items, Diwali diya wall hanging.

Also you can pre plan your Diwali celebrations ahead of Dusshera to avoid last minute rush in your Diwali festival. Like what type of corporate gifts or Gift cards you will be sharing with your clients, workers, colleagues this upcoming festival. If you are busy in your own work schedules, you can now buy all these things online via Satvik Store which is a unique online store for all types of Diwali items, Diwali decoration items, Urli’s & so on.

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