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Things to keep in mind for Rakhi puja

Puja is an integral part of all the rituals in Hindu culture. Every occasion and festival has different pooja, its significance, and rituals to perform. Similarly, Raksha Bandhan, Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious festival to celebrate the connection and bond between brothers and sisters. Every year during Raksha Bandhan, both brothers and sisters are enthusiastic and energetic to celebrate with sweets, gifts, puja, and more. Some people have their own rituals such as watching a movie or preparing a special cuisine, but Rakhi puja is performed by everyone. Rakhi puja has some rituals and an essential set of rules to follow to perform in an auspicious and right traditional method. To make sure your Rakhi puja is conducted in the right ways, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before, during, and after the Puja ceremony. 

Even if you are not a hardcore believer in following the traditional Puja method, keeping these things in mind will help you perform the pooja ceremony in the right way to bring positive energy and take blessings from God. 

Here is the list of a few thongs that you need to keep in mind for Rakhi puja - 

Bath before Puja ceremony - Although, you should Bath every day irrespective of the occasion. Bathing plays a more important role in festivals. According to Hindu traditions and cultures, it is indicative of a pure body. It is important to bathe before starting any auspicious activity or ritual. Worship god and take blessings of your elder sister or brother as soon as you bathe. 

Fasting - Sisters should fast for their brothers on Raksha Bandhan to bless them with a prosperous, wealthy, and happy life. Fasting is observed till rakhi puja is performed to shower Lord's blessings on brothers. After the puja is performed, sisters can break their fast. It is important for sisters to maintain their fast till the puja ceremony to ensure happiness for their brothers. 

Clean clothes - Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious festival and a sacred ritual so, both brothers and sisters need to maintain cleanliness on Rakhi. After taking a bath, make sure you wear clean clothes. It would be good if you wear yellow or red-colored clothes as they both are considered auspicious and avoid wearing black or dark colors as they are considered inauspicious. 

Sitting arrangement - While you are performing rakhi puja it's important to sit in the right direction for positive energies. While tying rakhi and performing puja, brothers should face north or east direction and sisters in their opposite. However, make sure you do not sit facing south when rakhi is tied. Follow this sitting arrangement to attract positive energy and reduce evil energy in the atmosphere. 

Avoid inauspicious signs on rakhi - During rakhi puja, the rakhi you are going to tie should not have any inauspicious signs. When you purchase rakhi make sure there is a right sign of Swastik, Kalash, om, or any other auspicious sign. For instance, the wrong direction of Swastik is considered inauspicious. 

Cover your head - Both brothers and sisters should cover their heads while tying rakhi and performing puja. Brothers can cover their heads with a handkerchief or any other cloth and sisters can use a dupatta. 

Rakhi thali - Raksha Bandhan and rakhi puja is incomplete without rakhi thali. Sisters should decorate rakhi thali and place all the essential puja items in the thali including Kumkum, rakhi, Diya, Sweets, nariyal, rice grain, Roli, etc. Rakhi thali must have these essentials for the successful completion of an auspicious ritual. 

Timing of puja - Like other puja ceremonies, rakhi puja should be conducted at the right time otherwise it does not have a good impact on both brother and sister. Do not tie rakhi during Bhadra and Rahu kali, it is an auspicious time according to the Hindu calendar. You can ask your local priest or keep a check on updates to make sure you do not perform the Rakhi puja ceremony in Rahu Kaal. 

Perform pooja ceremony in the right way - before you tie rakhi to your brother, put tilak on Lord Ganesha and tie rakhi to the deity. It is considered auspicious to worship Lord Ganesha before the beginning of any special occasion, ritual, or pooja ceremony. Therefore, begin your rakhi puja by worshiping Lord Ganesha, then tie rakhi to your brother. make sure you tie rakhi on the right wrist as the left wrist is considered inauspicious. 

Gifts- It has become common to share gifts with siblings during or after pooja, but make sure you do not give any inauspicious gifts. Do not give anything sharp to brothers as it's inauspicious. try to avoid sharp objects, you need to keep them in mind whenever you purchase a gift for your brother. 

Sweets - Sweets are an important part of rakhi puja, it symbolizes the sweetness of your relationship with your brother. You can keep different types of sweets in your puja thal. However, chocolates have become quite common during puja ceremonies as a replacement for sweets. It doesn't matter if you place different sweets, chocolates, jaggery or sugar. Sweets should indicate the love between siblings. 

Diya - During rakhi puja make sure you light up ghee Diya as Diya will remove any evil energy or effect on your brother. The cotton wicks in Diya signifies the soul of your brother that burns the negative energies, ghee, or oil of life. You can light either Ghee or Oil Diya for the puja ceremony, it's important to light up Diya for Arti. 

To wrap up - Rakhi is one of the most auspicious rituals in Hindu traditions that symbolizes the love between brother and sister. The festival rituals should be conducted in the right manner and puja should be performed with traditions to remove evil energies. The above-mentioned things are important whenever you perform rakhi puja to bring in more auspicious energy and follow the right way.  Celebrate your Raksha Bandhan this year with these essential things. 


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