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Decorating our house and our lives

Diwali also known as festival of lights & celebrations. But besides light there are many other diwali decoration ideas to celebrate the day. This basically involves cleaning every corner of our house to give it a fresh, neat, tidy & most important the festive look.

Try using Diwali decoration ideas such as diyas, candles, flower arrangements, Toran for Diwali online, string lights, Diwali diya wall hanging, rangoli, and Ganesha, Goddess Laxmi idols to completely change the look of your home into attractive one. All this will enhance your house with a complete extraordinary look & specially your personal touch.

As a result, Satvik Store is here to meet all of your requirements for diwali decoration items & puja samagri, including all of the items needed for holidays such as diwali, Holi, and others. We are your one-stop shop for all of your puja samagri needs.

A Fresh Start on this Diwali

Diwali marks the beginning of new hindu year calendar & many people like businessman, shopkeepers buy new things & Diwali decoration items on this day. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped on this day for wealth & prosperity. It is believed that buying new things is a good sign on this day.

Give a glow to someone’s life with your warmth & affection

Diwali is the festival of lights for us, then why not we pass on this light to someone’s else life too, especially to the ones who are poor & needful. Diwali is a festival for all and should be celebrated with all. You can selebrate this festival by doing some kindness like donating clothes, sweets or other diwali diya decoration, fire crackers to the orphans & old age homes. You can go to some NGO too. Thus the way you blow up your house with various diwali decoration items the same way you can also give a glow to some one’s else life too.

Avoid using fire crackers that create noise

Nowadays, burning of firecrackers with intense noise is into trend that instead gives rise to more of noise & air pollution. They also waste lots of money in these firecrackers. Instead this money can be utilized for good purpose or donating it to the needy people who can do some diya decoration and make their houses look beautiful. The noise of these fire crackers is also hazardous to the people who have heart problems & also if you have senior citizens in your home. It is important to consider that animals around us can also be injured from these crackers

Try to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali

Gifts should not be expensive but meaningful

On the day Dhanteras, it is considered a good sign to gift your near & dear ones with silver or gold coins. Buying of metal utensils is also considered as auspicious on the day of Dhanteras. Give gifts that are meaningful to your loved ones. You can explore gifts like Diwali decoration items, Diwali Diya wall hanging,  toran for Diwali online, etc from Satvik Store.

Make your Diwali special with sweets

You can also make sweets at your home or can buy them online in case you are busy. The sweets are exchanged to foster the feeling of oneness and love among one another.

This day gives us a very important message for our lives that we should move from darkness in our lives towards new beginning. It also reminds that we should maintain peace & harmony in our life.

Diwali Gift Hampers

You can also diwali gift hampers which may include hampers of sweets, chocolates, cosmetic products or other Diwali decoration items.

Mango leaves

Decorate your house with florals and buy toran for diwali online. It is also believed that torans which include mango leaves are good to be tied on to the main entrance gate as it is seen as a sign to welcome Shri Lakshmi as well.

Shop something traditional

At night it is generally a custom in Diwali to wear new & bright clothes, after that perform Laxmi pujan. Shop for something traditional & ethnic wear to look more attractive & appealing in Diwali night.

Thus with all the to do list mentioned above for Diwali. It is advised to make preparations for festival of lights in advance in order to avoid last minute rush. While making preparation, keep your financial goals also in mind and look for shops like Satvik store to buy latest diwali decoration items and Diwali diya wall hanging at reasonable prices. Don’t rush at the last minute because hush makes wastage of money. Just pre-plan everything before going for shopping in Diwali. Saving little money can create big difference in future. Try shopping for basic puja samagri needs & diwali decoration items including diwali diya wall hanging & other Diwali decoration items, candles, etc.

For this, Satvik Store is here to meet all of your puja samagri needs, including all of the items needed for holidays such as Diwali, Holi, and others. We are your one-stop shop for all of your puja samagri needs.

We assist you in fulfilling all of your festive requirements by providing Diya decoration, Diwali decoration ideas, Toran for Diwali online, Diwali decoration goods, Diwali diya wall hanging, hand-picked pooja boxes, symbols, sanctuaries, accessories, holi colours & more.

Satvik Store also has other puja goods. To choose from, we have a huge collection of pooja thalis, dhoop, hawan samagri, god's adored images, and other items. The symbols and thalis will give you a taste of India's remarkable craftsmanship.

Adoring your divinity with authentic pooja items online, Satvik store brings you unending peace and joy. A vital path to spirituality is to sing a hymn in the name of your revered god. Pooja is an important part of Hindu culture, and we will frequently praise the pooja of many Hindu holy beings and goddesses. It's simply the most effective approach to connect with your inner soul while also connecting with the gods and gurus. It entails the use of several materials in various proportions. Clean contemplations beautify the psyche with shifted profound and strict embellishments. God and god symbols, diyas, mukut, figurines, camphor, puja thali, chandan, haldi, kumkum, bell, and a variety of other Pooja items may all be found online.

Last but not least, we are not bound to deliver for a specific religion. We believe in harmony in difference, so we also deliver other religious items, such as a Christmas tree or a goddess idol. So what are you waiting for… Visit our website at to learn more about us. Start Shopping your festive needs!!!