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Calling Shri Lakshmi to Stay with us forever

Diwali is a very auspicious festival for Hindus all over the world and is celebrated with much of enthusiasm. This day marks the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and prosperity over aridity.

On such felicitous day who doesn’t want to invite Shri Lakshmi to be with them forever? Shri Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, is worshiped and called upon on this day by everyone to get rid of every suffering and insufficiency of any type. People all over the world come up with different Diwali decoration ideas, do Diya decoration, buy Toran for Diwali online and other Diwali decoration items & lit houses to please and welcome goddess Lakshmi.

It is believed that Shri Lakshmi visits houses, shops and other places on Diwali and choose to stay at beautiful places forever. This belief encourages people to do Diya decoration and prepare beautiful Diwali Diya wall hanging for making their houses, shops and other workplaces look alluring with the help of different Diwali decoration items.
Let us have a look at some of the things that we can do to allure Shri Lakshmi to be our family member forever.

  1. Making the entrance of the house welcoming:

Floral vases, Diwali diya wall hanging, oil lamps, lights, brass diyas, earthen diyas, urlis for decorating flower, putting diya decoration & other Diwali decoration items should be used for decorating the entrance of house. Purchasing toran for Diwali online can help you make your entrance gate more beautiful. These toran for Diwali online are easily available. You can think of other Diwali decoration ideas like making beautiful rangoli, doing diya decoration, and other Diwali decoration items to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.

  1. Using the Tea Light Candles:

One of the Diwali decoration items, which is believed to attract Goddess Lakshmi is Tea light Candles. She is drawn to the homes that are beautifully decorated & lit with the golden light of these tea light candles and diya decorations.

  1. Decorating with Flowers & Rangolis:

You can use Marigolds, Lotus & Blooms to decorate the entrance of your Pooja Room. Decorate that place with rangoli made with flower petals, leaves, colors and other things. Rangoli is designed to welcome Goddess Lakshmi at your place. It is also connected to happiness & prosperity in your family. Rangolis are ofter decorated with different Diwali decoration items and are prepared keeping in mind different Diwali decoration ideas. The colourful rangolis brings joy and pleasure for everyone, including Shri Lakshmi.

  1. Keeping the house Neat and Tidy:

Shri Lakshmi is believed to love cleanliness & tidiness; therefore, it is very important to get rid of all the clutter spread in and around your house. Cleanliness is very dear to Goddess Lakshmi. The interior must be decorated with new bed sheets, curtains & other Diwali decoration items.

  1. Bringing Clay idols of Lakshmi ji & Ganesh ji:

It is believed that worshiping Clay idols of Shri Lakshmi Ji & Ganesh on Diwali is very fruitful & prosperous. Even after the day of Diwali, these idols should be worshiped with diya decoration every day. This pleases Shri Lakshmi.

  1. Worshipping Tulsi:

Another important thing to do to impress Goddess Lakshmi is to pray to Tulsi by lighting an oil lamp or akhand Diya beside it.  It is believed to be a home for all Gods. Use Agarbatti or Dhoop batti to raise positive vibrations in and around the house. Tulsi ji is also decorated with a variety of Diwali Decorative Products.

  1. Bringing Shri Phal and Lotus to offer to Shri Lakshmi:

Sri Phal and Lotus flower are very dear to Shri Lakshmi. During Diwali Puja it is offered to all Shri Lakshmi. It is also believed that every day, offering lotus and shri phal to Shri Lakshmi brings good fortune, wealth & Prosperity into the home. Other sweets and fruits, especially rice kheer is offered as prasad to everyone.

  1. Buying New Utensil:

During Diwali, along with different flower decoration, toran for Diwali online and Diwali oil lamps items, make sure that you buy at least one new utensil. It is considered as good sign and Goddess Lakshmi is also pleased. People also buy, Tea Light holder wall hangings to decorate their house or even balcony.

  1. Maintaining Peace & Harmony:

It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi loves calm, peaceful & silent environment.  To welcome and stay with Shri Lakshmi forever, any kid or argument must be avoided, especially on Diwali. Maintain a environment of peace & harmony with friends and family to pleases the goddess of wealth. For this you can buy and gift toran for Diwali online, different Diwali diya wall hanging and other Diwali decoration items to the close ones.

  1. Celebrating Diwali with Family:

It is advised to perform all the Diwali rituals in a calm manner along with the whole family. The feeling of togetherness always attracts good vibes and make Shri Lakshmi happy. Decorating the house with Diwali wall hanging, doing Diya decoration, selecting toran for Diwali online and beautifying the whole house with different Diwali decoration items are some of the activities that can be done together. 

These are some of the points that helps in welcoming Shri Lakshmi to stay with us forever.

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